more NY links.

Great new yorker article on The Artist, typical non-praise but interesting take on the 9 year campaign of real silent films. Great, terse descriptions of how cinematography and acting were different and how the artist evokes a 40s film. I really need to watch Thief of Baghdad and rewatch some Guy Madden films.

Douglas Coupland, inventor of the term generation x, has a good review of “Gods without Men” at the new york times. I like it more for its essay-ness though. Time isn’t moving! I think he invented a new genre of fiction called “translit” – like Cloud Atlas – that I’m interested in.

Edge 237 notes

XBLi Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage

From The Last of Us piece: actress Ashley Johnson, voice of Ellie, gave input on her character, and that’s why she has a knife in the trailer now…Ants controlled by fungus, cordyceps-infected, inspiration for the zombie plants.

Bugbear is using their own consumer-level track editor for Ridge Racer: Unbounded.

Gunpoint – the 2d spy gem, where you rewire lights and elevator doors, etc.

Great piece called The Untouchables where they critique Half-Life 2, Rez and Grim Fandango. Interesting Rez tidbit, Miz liked a game called Xenon 2: Megablast

Studio profile on Zen Studios, should read again later for pinball thoughts.

Notes from Edge 236

236 – January 2012

Katana Jack (iTunes) iOS game, backgrounds were all finger-painted on an iPad.

Apps that give way to game making on an iOS device: Dropbox, LogMeIn, Numbers, Penultimate.

DJ Shadow owns a Tempest arcade machine

The links:

Weirdness: GameGadget. Hardware for DRM ROMs.

Edge lists 50 iOS games. These are the ones that sound interesting: Fox vs Duck, Quarrel (is this on consoles now?) Papa Sangre – audio horror game, No, Human – wtf is this?, Dark Meadow – budgety

Diamond Trust of London – 3DSiWare by Jason Rohrer.

Seems that Spider: Secret of Bryce Manor developer Tiger Style’s next game is Waking Mars, yum:

Notes from NYT Book review 2/26/12

The Lifespan of a Fact – John D’Agata and Jim Fingal

Short book, sounds amusing, about an author arguing and verbally abusing his fact checker.

The Technologists – Matthew Pearl

MIT nerds in 1868. Adventurey. Reviewer seemed a little meh about it.

Pure – Juliana Baggott

People are fused together in some post-apoclyptic hoopla. The main character’s hand is a doll head, there are a bunch of people fused together called the groupies. Good sentence in the review about people being forced to unlearn how to read or be used as target practice.


Disneyland notes

February 13th and 14th…. Little Mermaid, California Screaming, that Toy Story 3d game thing, the swinging melody chairs, goofy kiddie roller coaster, twilight zone drop thing, small world, peter pan, pirates of the caribean, splash mountain, winnie the pooh, space mountain, big thunder mountain, autopia, Aladdin Show, Muppets Show, World of Color, jungle cruise, the railroad, the tiki room! i know I’m forgetting a few. Matterhorn was closed.

Oh, finding Nemo submarine. bug’s life bumper cars. indiana jones again. monsters inc. pirate’s island via raft. soaring over cali. the other toy story game thing.