Mascots of a lesser god

I bought Boomer’s adventure is Asmik world when I was tiny and the cover beckoned me. Actually it wasn’t Boomer himself, but how he was drawn, that sloppy look was really appealing. I was hoping it would be represented in the 4 shades of grey the DMG promised. Pixel art can be bad, but sloppy? Oh, well. I ended up writing about his Famicom game on GameSetWatch a decade later.

So, here’s a scratch pad for some mascots.
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GameShame: Things I should Play

Let’s store them here, lest I forget.
is a roguelike hacking game on iOS. I do not yet own it.
has accent marks. I bought this, have yet to play it. Giant production value iOS game from Ryan Payton.
looks weird in all the right ways. I want to use that word for Ossuaries and Oubliettes, a concept in the works, if I ever learn GameMaker. I really don’t know what this game is though, except I want to play it.
is some Myst thing on iOS that has a neat look. Linking to Indie Statik for some reason. (I’m closing tabs that have been open far too long, and who uses bookmarks anymore?)
by Parachuting Frog. iOS. I don’t know what this is. These tabs have been open for months!

The NeoGAF thread for iOS hidden gems is a source of wealth and slack guilt.

Let’s see what’s shame in Steam, purchased but not played and shameful for not doing so.
The Bridge
Broken Age 5
Chivalry (damn)
Cryostasis (kinda)
(more) Gunpoint
Jolly Rover (ha)
(more) La Mulana
Shadowrun Returns

not so bad!

Hello 2014. The Goldfinch thoughts and words

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch

Martin is truly a terrifying name to run into.
A quick bit about the last 20 pages. It’s that ramble of philosophy that pulls away the meat of a narrative, leaving the bone of an intention, even if its a meditation on the ambiguity of the human. Tartt refreshes with a Xandra call or proper noun, but it’s Theo’s thoughts pouring out, and made of special note to be written words, moving him from a third-person narrator into an authorship, referring to his scribbles and diving down into them, cf. Hobbie’s tips. I’m reminded of Galapagos and the ghostly Trout-son writing his words in the air. I think it’s that Vonnegut anyway. It’s also the art lesson cram, the mediation on the painting itself saved for the last bits, with only the rigor of craft for the furniture and parting (literally?) words from dear old mom. I’m also reminded of the final page of Adam Cadre’s Ready? Okay! and the narrator revealing his mirror memory, capturing ever detail down, with the accuracy of a photo, but the coloring is all words. Timber the timbre.

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We went to Ibiza

Tales of woe and wonder to and from the Mediterranean

Thursday Left LA. Human Female had the cab drive to FedEx in hopes of getting a rogue dress. Successful and stressful. Got to LAX, had trouble with acquiring our boarding passes, mine actually. Oddly, in the end Human Female’s layover boarding pass was rescinded and I got mine. Odd. The plane had 2 floors, always cool, not sure why, but it makes it feel like I’m in a flying house of some Baba Yaga shit. While flying it became Friday…
Baba Yaga flying hut. Quest for Glory is fun.
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More words and things

    The Sense of an Ending

unknown pleasures
is good pages is in.

carol the german

weltanschauung a comprehensive conception or apprehension of the world especially from a specific standpoint

Sturm und drang a late 18th century German literary movement characterized by works containing rousing action and high emotionalism that often deal with the individual’s revolt against society turmoil

cursing greek, well latin

susurrus – whispering, murmuring, or rustling. from the latin to murmur or hum.

also a good one, palimpsest: A manuscript or piece of writing material on which the original writing has been effaced to make room for later writing. 2) Something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form. got this from the joy division pulsar cover and how it’s been used in so many other things.