I made a weird game: Bolder Folder

This image is not representative of the game

I made a game with a few batch files and a lot of folders. There’s even a tutorial. And I have DLC planned. It took me a few hours, in which I simultaneously watched the last few episode of The Thick of It. Tiny bit more after the jump and download link.


So, my game has 10k files and is only slightly larger than an Atari 2600 game. How? The inspiration came from my sixth grade computer class. The school had gotten a mac lab and we all got our own floppies. Folders replaced directories and file names could be longer than 8 characters! We made pointless little dribbles of CYOAs via sever nesting. There’s a bit of that here, but it’s also cribbing from Godtower or Not Pron, with a dash of Layton. It’s probably not very fun, and won’t work on OSX (My DOS batch skills are rusty, but doing this in a Unix shell is too scary.) The name is stupid, but it was actually fun to put this together. General rules, use explorer, use big icons, use whatever Windows lets you do.

You can download it here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/m0n1bbe89pbd460/bolder_folder.zip

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