Mascots of a lesser god

I bought Boomer’s adventure is Asmik world when I was tiny and the cover beckoned me. Actually it wasn’t Boomer himself, but how he was drawn, that sloppy look was really appealing. I was hoping it would be represented in the 4 shades of grey the DMG promised. Pixel art can be bad, but sloppy? Oh, well. I ended up writing about his Famicom game on GameSetWatch a decade later.

So, here’s a scratch pad for some mascots.

1 Boomer – Asmik
2 Iggy the Iguana – Acclaim
3 Jackfrost – Atlus
4 Karnov – Data East
5 armadillo – Infogrammes
6 Kunio – Technos
7 bub and Bob – Taito (space invaders?)
8 Neo Poke-Kun – ngpc
9 Bonk – tg16 / nec
10 captain commando – early capcom?
11. hudson bee

Bonus Hudson Bee
Bonus Meijii thing…..

Boomer in this game Cosmic Epsilon on Famicom with a dig at Konami
Castle Quest also seems cool but unrelated.

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