The Circle by Dave Eggers

Dead Kennedys

Less fresh in my head, a week later, but a fun book, read it in a day, a wonder day in Ojai, by a pool and in a big bed, HBO blasting and later repeating it’s not-television stuff. But The Circle remains broken.

Well, no words caught my eye, but I sure thought of a lot of things. The Dead Kennedys greatest hits and rarities album, Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death comes to mind, as well as the amazing Counting Heads, and of course 1984. I also kept thinking of the word dialectics, because of the weird back and forth about the virtues of openness. Human beings are not Linux, though! The subtlety of constantly adding more screens to Mae’s desk was pretty good, I don’t think I really noticed the accumulation until the book mentioned the 9th screen being added. I work in web and somewhat social, and my old BBS days were all about being anonymous, so I’ve got some mixed personal feelings about that stuff. The shark metaphor was pretty great, and the lack of the word shit or feces was noted, but then in the not-so-twist confrontation having the metaphor paraded around in speech was a little silly.

Also, I like how Mae was described as someone who drinks and then falls asleep. I know Mr. Eggers and I are of the same school in that regard, as it was in Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. This was less ‘bad’ cute to me then the Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge, and I felt less shame then the wistful yesteryear yearnings in Hologram for a King. I will say, the shrunken-head version that showed up in the New York Times magazine was an artful little re-edit, cherry picking plot from over the first 100 pages.

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