2013, post one for longreads, curious notes and other examinations of flesh and fancy.

So, is having a NYR for maintaing a blog a first world problem? jokes. Well, I’ve kept a few tabs open on Chrome for the last week, so let’s make me less worried about closing them prematurely.

This Pitchfork article on Laurie Spiegel made it on to some longread shortlist eoy rollout thingy. It in turn pointed me, somehow, to this New Yorker piece on LS, which also makes note of LS work being in The Hunger Games, which reminds me that I should really read more about the Shutter Island soundtrack again, and Session 9’s few modern classical pieces. Curious if LS made it into The Rest is Noise, which I should really finish reading someday, I have hard cover and all.

I’m going to beat Secret of Monkey Island someday. I was always more of a Sierra man than a LucasArts, but narrative charms of Lucas can not be denied. So, I have the FAQ open because I plan on one-crediting it sometime (probably on ios, though I’m concerned about the iMuse stuff as well.)

Nine Princes in Amber

IV DRIPI was curious about getting old hint books for games and came across this ebay seller who puts a plush dragon in each photo, but the tab I kept open is Nine Princes in Amber, mainly for the cover. I know there is a book with the same title, and a whole series to go along with it, but I don’t think it has anything to do with a theme park where they breed princes. Though, there’s a screenshot that keeps popping up with an IV drip and other weirdness. Great cover though. Man, game covers suck these days. However, Activision put the old Infocom games on ios with feelies and maps and invisiclues! Trinity reunion time, perhaps. 2013 seems like a good year to look nuclear annihilation in the eye.

Last is Trio the Punch on Wiki. Saw some sprite rips on tumblr, can’t believe I never heard of this, I mean it even has Karnov in it. Got to see this one through some day. I think you fight Colonel Sanders:

That wasn’t so many tabs.

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