Invisibilia: Entanglement

I saved the best for last.

Intro: Quantum Entanglement, up to 88 miles so far, it’s like an ansible from sci-fi, Left Hand of Darkness. cf. The longitude dog wounds!

Mirror Touch Synesthesia: Real life empaths! Grey matter and identity, both emotional and tactile through vision. They don’t say empathy to the end, cf. smelling fear and human pheromones. Think of Chameleon in Xanth and her lover, the Twins in G.I. Joe, Oblivion, that weird sci-fi western with Sulu/George Takei. What if an austistic person had no amygdala and was mirror touch?

Contagian: The candid camera example. Maria Bamford is a gem.

Hm, noting podcasts isn’t so bad.

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