New Yorker Blitz – Jan-Feb 2015

January 26th

Adam Gopnik’s The Next Thing about Michel Houellebecq’s biting French satire. cf. Matt Ruff’s inverted 9/11 story I never read.

Jill Lepore’s The Cobweb on archiving the internet. Way more than

Fiction: Isaac Bashevis Singer -“Inventions” Barely a frame story for a communist ghost story. Why? Who is this author? Supplemental on


Rebecca Mead’s When I Grow Up, about the work theme park for kids where Cammie Dunway ex-Nintendo went.

Raffi Khatchadourian’s We Know How You Feel the rise of affective computing, computers reading your emotions.

Paddington’s good?

The New Yorker moved.

Adam Gopnik’s The Driver’s Seat is a great read. Trying to get his lisc in nyc in his 50’s, I think.

Still need to read Alice by Elizabeth Harrower

Sneaky Dec 15th. Steph probably likes this cover

Tad Friend (!) on Vine videos: Hollywood and Vine. Story is LA-based as well.

Evgenia Arbugaeva’s amazing photos of Russian Arctic.

Anthony Lane on Inherent Vice

Alex Ross on the organ in LA Disney Hall, Hurricaine Mama

Savage Breast by Elizabeth McKenzie. Need to read.


Michael Pollan’s The Trip Treatment, the rise and renaissance in psychedelic research

Peter Schjeldahl’s The Art World on Piero di Cosimo an oddball genius


Amelia Gray’s fiction “Labyrinth” need to read

Joseph Mitchell’s A Place of Pasts, city dreams from an unfinished memoir of new york

Dandy issue – Feb 23 and Mar 2, 12 covers!

***Mary Norris’s Holy Writ, a copy editor tells all

Ian Parker on The Shape of Things to Come on Apple computers designs

Zadie Smith on Key and Peele

new Murakami: “Kino

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