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New Yorker 9/25/17

The Style Issue

Financial Page – the Amish control 30% of the deer farms in the US (aprox 10k)

1933, Jewish spies, leader name L1, infiltrated LA nazi group. L1 was Leon Lewis. Nazi’s were going to kill Jack Benny? Upcoming book, “Hitler in Los Angeles” by Steve Ross, LA nazis getting orders from Hitler/Goebbles!?

Iris van Herpen – fashion designer, 3d printed:

  Amaka Osakwe – Nigerian designer.

Page 59, alternative cover if Hillary Clinton had won the election.

Plumassier – one that prepares or deals in ornamental plumes or feathers.

The austere fiction of Fleur Jaeggy, Swiss.

We went to Ibiza

Tales of woe and wonder to and from the Mediterranean

Thursday Left LA. Human Female had the cab drive to FedEx in hopes of getting a rogue dress. Successful and stressful. Got to LAX, had trouble with acquiring our boarding passes, mine actually. Oddly, in the end Human Female’s layover boarding pass was rescinded and I got mine. Odd. The plane had 2 floors, always cool, not sure why, but it makes it feel like I’m in a flying house of some Baba Yaga shit. While flying it became Friday…
Baba Yaga flying hut. Quest for Glory is fun.
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Edge 237 notes

XBLi Treasure Treasure: Fortress Forage

From The Last of Us piece: actress Ashley Johnson, voice of Ellie, gave input on her character, and that’s why she has a knife in the trailer now…Ants controlled by fungus, cordyceps-infected, inspiration for the zombie plants.

Bugbear is using their own consumer-level track editor for Ridge Racer: Unbounded.

Gunpoint – the 2d spy gem, where you rewire lights and elevator doors, etc.

Great piece called The Untouchables where they critique Half-Life 2, Rez and Grim Fandango. Interesting Rez tidbit, Miz liked a game called Xenon 2: Megablast

Studio profile on Zen Studios, should read again later for pinball thoughts.

Notes from Edge 236

236 – January 2012

Katana Jack (iTunes) iOS game, backgrounds were all finger-painted on an iPad.

Apps that give way to game making on an iOS device: Dropbox, LogMeIn, Numbers, Penultimate.

DJ Shadow owns a Tempest arcade machine

The links:

Weirdness: GameGadget. Hardware for DRM ROMs.

Edge lists 50 iOS games. These are the ones that sound interesting: Fox vs Duck, Quarrel (is this on consoles now?) Papa Sangre – audio horror game, No, Human – wtf is this?, Dark Meadow – budgety

Diamond Trust of London – 3DSiWare by Jason Rohrer.

Seems that Spider: Secret of Bryce Manor developer Tiger Style’s next game is Waking Mars, yum: