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GameShame: Things I should Play

Let’s store them here, lest I forget.
is a roguelike hacking game on iOS. I do not yet own it.
has accent marks. I bought this, have yet to play it. Giant production value iOS game from Ryan Payton.
looks weird in all the right ways. I want to use that word for Ossuaries and Oubliettes, a concept in the works, if I ever learn GameMaker. I really don’t know what this game is though, except I want to play it.
is some Myst thing on iOS that has a neat look. Linking to Indie Statik for some reason. (I’m closing tabs that have been open far too long, and who uses bookmarks anymore?)
by Parachuting Frog. iOS. I don’t know what this is. These tabs have been open for months!

The NeoGAF thread for iOS hidden gems is a source of wealth and slack guilt.

Let’s see what’s shame in Steam, purchased but not played and shameful for not doing so.
The Bridge
Broken Age 5
Chivalry (damn)
Cryostasis (kinda)
(more) Gunpoint
Jolly Rover (ha)
(more) La Mulana
Shadowrun Returns

not so bad!