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New Yorker Jan 5 + Jan 12

Jan 12th

Jonathan Kolb’s “Give Me A Smile” – palsy 

Margaret Talbot’s “The Talking Cure” Babies hearing words = better life

Coover’s “Crabapple Tree” fiction

Jan 5th

David Sedaris’ “Leviathan” – need to read

Andrew Marantz “The Virologist” marketing memes, need to read

Mascots of a lesser god

I bought Boomer’s adventure is Asmik world when I was tiny and the cover beckoned me. Actually it wasn’t Boomer himself, but how he was drawn, that sloppy look was really appealing. I was hoping it would be represented in the 4 shades of grey the DMG promised. Pixel art can be bad, but sloppy? Oh, well. I ended up writing about his Famicom game on GameSetWatch a decade later.

So, here’s a scratch pad for some mascots.
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more NY links.

Great new yorker article on The Artist, typical non-praise but interesting take on the 9 year campaign of real silent films. Great, terse descriptions of how cinematography and acting were different and how the artist evokes a 40s film. I really need to watch Thief of Baghdad and rewatch some Guy Madden films.

Douglas Coupland, inventor of the term generation x, has a good review of “Gods without Men” at the new york times. I like it more for its essay-ness though. Time isn’t moving! I think he invented a new genre of fiction called “translit” – like Cloud Atlas – that I’m interested in.